Fluid Replacement and Exchange

Your vehicle relies on fluids to function and deliver the performance you’ve come to expect.

C&M Auto Service Inc. offers all fluid replacement and exchange services to keep you moving in the right direction.

Every time you start your vehicle, several essential fluids circulate through various components, pipes, and tubes to ensure optimal performance. These fluids include:

Oil Change

Transmission Fluid

Power Steering Fluid

Brake Fluid


Windshield Wiper Fluid

Oil Change

Transmission Fluid

Power Steering Fluid

Brake Fluid


Windshield Wiper Fluid

While each of these fluids performs different roles, they all tend to help clean, cool, reduce wear and tear, and minimize friction damage. Over time, these fluids can become contaminated, dirty, and may need to be replaced or exchanged. Fortunately, C&M Auto Service Inc. offers extensive fluid replacement and exchange services. Contact us today for fluid replacement and exchange or other auto repair in Morgan Hill, CA.

Oil Change Fluid Replacement and Exchange Service

Oil is the most common and vital fluid in your vehicle. The oil in your vehicle is responsible for several roles and functions, including:

1. Lubricating various engine parts, such as bearings, pistons, etc.

2. Sealing gaps and preventing leaks

3. Cooling engine parts by reducing friction and absorbing heat from engine parts

4. Cleaning engine components thanks to specialized detergent additives.

5. Preventing corrosion with anti-corrosion additives that protect from rust.

However, the quality of motor oil will degrade, the specialized additives will be consumed, over time, motor oil can turn to sludge. If left unchecked, this sludge will trap heat inside your engine and ultimately cause it to self-destruct. To prevent this, it’s vital to have regular oil changes, which is the most common fluid replacement and exchange service.

Transmission Fluid Replacement & Exchange

Transmission fluid uses hydraulic pressure to disengage and engage the clutches and gears of the transmission. This fluid is critical to the proper performance and longevity of your transmission. Like motor oil, transmission fluid offers cooling, lubrication, sealing, and cleaning properties that contribute to the overall durability and performance. But your transmission fluid won’t last indefinitely and will require replacement and exchange services.

Most manufacturers suggest transmission fluid service every 30K miles or every two years. During transmission fluid exchange or flush services, C&M Auto Service Inc. will remove all the old transmission fluid, clean out the system, and restore it with fresh fluid.

Power Steering Fluid Replacement and Exchange Services

Power steering fluid is a critical hydraulic solution that enables easier steering of your vehicle. Most manufacturers advise power steering fluid services every 50,000 to 75,000 miles. During power steering fluid service, we will remove the old, depleted fluid and proceed with power steering fluid replacement. Power steering flushes and fluid replacement offer several advantages, including:

1. Eliminating dirt and contaminants from the system.

2. Enhancing steering performance and efficiency.

3. Prolonging the lifespan of your power steering components.

4. Preventing potential leaks and costly future repairs.

Brake Fluid Replacement & Exchange Services in Morgan Hill, CA

Your brakes are the most vital safety feature on your vehicle, and your brakes rely on the power of brake fluid to function. It converts the force applied to the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure to stop your vehicle. As time passes, rust and corrosion can inflict structural harm upon your braking system, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Routine brake fluid service is suggested to ensure your brakes perform and prevent more expensive repair issues. While every vehicle is different, most manufacturers suggest you have fluid replacement and exchange services every two to three years.

Coolant Fluid Replacement and Exchange Services

Given that your engine operates through controlled combustions, it can rapidly generate temperatures exceeding 200 degrees under the hood. With tremendous amounts of heat, your vehicle’s coolant must regulate the operational temperatures.

Coolant contains essential additives that ward off corrosion, freezing, and boiling. However, with time, these additives get depleted, and debris and contaminants accumulate on the radiator, affecting its performance. This is why it’s essential to schedule coolant fluid flushes and fluid replacement at least every three years. During our coolant fluid exchange services, our skilled mechanics flush out the old coolant and replenish it with fresh, nutrient-rich fluid to shield internal components from corrosion and rust.

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Whether you need brake fluid service, coolant service, an oil change, or any other fluid replacement and exchange service, C&M Auto Service Inc. is your one-stop shop. We are the leading auto repair center in Morgan Hill, CA., offering every service your vehicle will ever need. No matter the make or model, the experts at C&M Auto Service Inc. can help. Contact us today!

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