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While electric vehicles (EVs) haven't yet become mainstream, they are steadily gaining popularity,

EV and Hybrid Repair has not yet become too mainstream. Especially in urban areas where the limited driving distances reduce the risk of running out of battery. Meanwhile, hybrids have become increasingly popular for their fuel efficiency and unlimited driving range.

For those seeking an alternative to dealership services, C&M Auto Service Inc. in Morgan Hill, CA offers specialized repairs for both EVs and hybrids.

Why We Are a True Dealership Alternative

In a nutshell, we’re equipped with all the tools and technology needed to service and maintain both electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer the same range of services you’d find at a dealership, but with a more personalized touch. You’re not “just another customer” to us; you’re the reason we’re in business.

That’s why we’re committed to ensuring both your safety and your vehicle’s performance.

The Challenges of EV/Hybrid Repair

One of the most significant challenges in the world of EV/hybrid repair is finding a qualified service center. C&M Auto Service Inc., located in Morgan Hill, CA, has extensive experience working with both electric and hybrid vehicles. Our advanced technology not only demands specialized tools and equipment but also requires a deep understanding of these types of vehicles.

Some of the unique challenges associated with repairing electric and hybrid vehicles include:

High-Voltage Systems

Electric vehicle technicians need expertise in handling high-voltage systems. EVs can operate on systems ranging from 400 to 800 volts. Generally, the higher the voltage, the faster the vehicle can be charged. While the auxiliary battery in these vehicles still operates at 12 volts, it’s the larger batteries that power the motor(s) which require this high voltage.

Complex Electronics

Electric vehicles and hybrids possess more advanced electronic systems compared to traditional vehicles. These systems encompass features like regenerative braking and specialized energy management components. At C&M Auto Service Inc., our technicians are well-versed and trained in the intricacies of electric and hybrid vehicle systems.

Cooling Systems

The cooling systems in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are designed differently from those in gas-powered cars. This is primarily because their batteries must be maintained within specific temperature ranges to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our team of technicians has received specialized training in maintaining and repairing these unique cooling systems.

Battery Health

Fast charging may be convenient for getting you back on the road quickly, but it also accelerates the degradation of lithium-ion batteries more than slow charging does. To maximize the lifespan of your vehicle’s battery packs, it’s advisable to limit the use of fast charging.

Furthermore, it’s not recommended to charge the battery to its full capacity or to let it completely discharge. Many electric vehicles allow you to set the maximum charge level to around 85 or 90 percent, based on manufacturer guidelines, to promote battery health.

 Additionally, these batteries utilize an active thermal management system to maintain an optimal temperature range between 50 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. To assist with this, the vehicles are equipped with specialized cooling and heating circuits to keep the batteries within this ideal temperature range.

Motor and Transmission Maintenance

Maintenance routines for the motors and transmissions in electric and hybrid vehicles differ significantly from their gas-powered counterparts. For instance, electric motors don’t require oil changes, air filters, or spark plug replacements, as they have fewer moving parts. However, they do use other fluids like brake fluid, power steering fluid, and antifreeze, which require regular maintenance. At C&M Auto Service Inc., you can count on us for all types of fluid maintenance as well.

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When you’re looking for experienced, friendly technicians and wish to avoid the hassles associated with dealerships, choose C&M Auto Service Inc. We pride ourselves on offering personalized care that exceeds what you’d typically receive at a dealership, all without compromising on the quality of our repairs.

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